Wednesday, May 14, 2014

RT Convention Update

Hello from the Big Easy!

We arrived at Meredith's on Monday and spent the day getting settled in, rearranging vehicles, and catching up.

On Tuesday, I went on Heather Graham's Creepy Tour.  Our mule, Dixie, and her very knowledgeable driver picked us up at The Marriott ...

and brought us to ...

We paid respect to Marie Laveau ...

And many others.

After the cemetery, our tour guide drove us around town to various points of interest ... one being the parking lot that Nancy's car had been in at that time ...

And then after many turns, I recognized the area where Meredith's car sometimes stays.  I found this quite amusing!

Here are some interesting pictures I took along the way:

This is the Backstreet Cultural Museum ... and photobombers (and authors) Beth Ciotta and her sister, Elle J Rossi :

We arrived at The Court of Two Sister's for lunch, which has a special meaning for me as a scene from Convicted of Love takes place there.

Where I proceeded to have Crawfish Eating 101 at my end of the table. My students did very well, and one even dared to try the juices in the crawfish head.

We toured the Williams Residence museum and ended at Pat O'Brien's for a complimentary drink and a visit from a very curious neighbor ...

Thank you, Heather Graham, for a wonderful day!

Well, the hour is late, and I need some sleep.  I will post more later!

Enjoy the demon-wings!

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