Sunday, February 26, 2017

Night at The Myrtles

Hello, my fellow journeyers!

Sorry it has been awhile. Life happens, right?

So before I get to my latest adventure, I want to note that I pulled a muscle in my lower back.  I thought I was on the mend, but the stairs at the plantation set me back. Please say a prayer, because I am now stuck on a heating pad ... grrr ...

On to the ghost hunting ...

I love The Myrtles ... from the beautiful grounds with colorful flowers and moss filled trees ... to the exquisite and cozy courtyard with wrought iron tables and chairs ... to the ghosts that traverse this southern Louisiana plantation. So naturally I jumped at a chance to stay the night in the famous haunted plantation!

It was definitely a spooky adventure.  I took a lot of day and night pictures. Check them out on my FaceBook page here:

A few are particularly interesting.

This lady and gentlemen kept watch over our rooms.

They seemed fine, but when we came back from dinner, the atmosphere surrounding them seemed darker. So I took some more pics, and I kid you not ... one frame took a blank picture ... the next were ok ... then I shifted to the other for more .. and she gave me a blank picture as well. My camera has been and is still working just fine. So that was strange. 

Then, I looked at the pics and saw his right had a strange look to it.  This pic looks like his eye has dried blood around it ... as if he had been shot!  See for yourself:

Another thing I noticed was a strange smell in the hallway. I thought at first that the faint, stale odor of cigar might have come from another guest's clothing. Yet only my group was up there at the time. Perhaps the ghost of the confederate soldier from the room we stayed in had paid us a visit?

Here are a few of my favorite pics ...

To sum up the sleeping hours ... Lots of noise from other guests until the wee hours of the night ... lots of me waking myself up to see a ghost ... that was there only in my brain.  I did dream about my feet being stuck in live crawfish and some random dude holding ten kittens ... He kept popping up in  my dream like the Verizon dude. LOL

It was a fun experience, but I am looking forward to sleeping in my own bed cuddled next to my gentle giant!


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