Saturday, August 13, 2016

2016 Flooding of Louisiana Post 1

I decided to change the name of my blog from The Journey is the Reward to Josephine's Journey. I still believe in it's concept, but recent local events have set my heart and brain into a whirlwind.

The Journey is the Reward ... hmm ... what's so rewarding about a tragedy? For a community torn apart by man made tragedy, the reward today is watching neighbors saving neighbors whether they are black, red, white, blue, orange or green. Today's reward is Hope ... HOPE that despite our bickering and differences, we are families-from-another-father: God.

I am the last child of 9 siblings. Trust me. I know about bickering!

Now I'm NOT saying God causes misery to fall upon us. We are His children. He loves us unconditionally. But as a parent, I have learned that sometimes children have to learn the hard way.

Changes ... We hope that change is good. Lately, changes have resulted from so much negativity surrounding our community. I can't help but wonder if the message is to draw a torn community back to one another. God has a plan. We must have Faith.

August 12, 2016: Friday morning, I snoozed my alarm more than normal as I decided that the rain, lightening and thunder pounding at my bedroom window was not worthy of getting out of bed. Texts from co-workers confirmed my decision and theirs to stay home and off the roads.

Then came a text from my dad at 8:10 AM. "We are going under water."

My heart froze. What on earth? Was he serious? That's just nuts!

I called, and he confirmed. The home I grew up in had an inch of water. It had NEVER been threatened by water before.  My parents bought the house in 1978. The rise of living costs against a fixed income influenced my father's decision to cancel his flood insurance.

No insurance.

The day progressed. Water rose. His stubborn ass refused to leave. Yes, he was pissing me off. Then at around 2 pm, he called to let me know that he contacted Central Fire Department. God bless those men who got my parents out!

This is day three.  So much loss ... My heart hurts so bad ...

I will post more later.

Love and prayers to my family and friends suffering.

Welcome to Josephine's Lair ...

where the Journey is the Reward