Tuesday, October 15, 2013


So last Thursday I hosted Pokeno at my house.  Things were going great - had the taco soup bubbling in my cauldron-- er, crockpot; had the cake baked and veggies sliced and on a tray.  I was pulling out the last batch of cookies ... using an oven mitt that had gotten damp.  Needless to say the heat scorched through and burned the pad of my thumb and some of my index finger. 


Instead of dropping it like a sane person would, I danced with it to the stove before letting lose.  Fortunately, the burns weren't as bad as they felt.  I dashed to the sink, ran cold water and applied ice.  Probably not the best thing to do, but it worked.

Well it is almost a week later, and my thumb is still sensitive.  :(  I am in the midst of reading Jim Butcher's Dresden books ( currently on the 9th - White Night), and now I can empathize (if only on a miniscule level) with the hero and his poor hand.

Fates, I DO NOT want to empathize with the heroine of my latest book, Scorned!  So keep that car far away from me!  While Angelle may have super healing powers, I don't!


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