Monday, August 19, 2013

Looking Forward to ...

Yes, it's been a LONG while since I have updated my blog.  I will try to do better in the future, but ya'll know how life is!  :)

Meanwhile, I have a few things that I am looking forward to.

Scorned is in the editing stages, and I await the next round of edits from my superb editor, Nancy S. Brandt.  She is amazing!  I couldn't have done this project without her.  She is the editor EVERY writer needs.  She doesn't sugarcoat, and in this world of mediocre books running rampant, I expect nothing less.  I take my respective hat off to her.

While I await the next round of edits for Scorned (which, by the way, is an urban fantasy set in Watson, Louisiana and is about a fallen-angel-turned-human who is trying to get back into Heaven.  She must fight demons and vampires along the way, and of course, there is her love interest who has her tempted to fall off the lust-wagon!), I am working on updating my spreadsheet of Scorned.  This excel file holds all of the story's pertinent information chapter by chapter.  Sometimes it is just as daunting as writing the book!  But it is immensely fun gathering the pictures and what-nots that help me bring the story from my head to the written page.  While I have used a spreadsheet for years, I must attribute my friend's (Meredith Tague) mother (Jeanine Pence) for unknowingly giving me the idea to take it one step further and include as much detail and pictures as possible.  Jeanine and her sister are huge fans of J.R. Ward's The Black Dagger Brotherhood series, and they made a scrapbook of each book that contains pictures of the characters, places and other items in the book.  So, I am in the process of updating that.

Another thing I am looking forward to is Anne Rice's Vampire Lestat Fan Club's Undead Con ( to be held in New Orleans October 24 - 27th.  I am SUPER pleased to announce that I am going to be on panel Saturday, October 26 at 11 am & 12:30 pm along with V.M.K. Fewings, Brad Keene, Kayden McLeod, Raven Raye and Kala Ambrose.  There will be a book signing immediately following the panel.  The ball will be held Friday night, and I am looking forward to dressing up with my hubby.  It's going to be epic!

And, as always, I look forward to my local chapter's luncheon.  HeartLa is pleased to announce that Maya Banks will be our Keynote speaker, and Farrah Rochon is our emcee.  For more information, please visit

Well, that's it for now.  I have to get back to the writing cave ...

Enjoy the journey!

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  1. Aw, sweetie, I really needed your kind words today! Thank you!


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