Saturday, October 27, 2012


The time is almost here for my favorite holiday next to Christmas.  Bring on Halloween!

There are many reasons ... My sweet hubby was born on October 31st.  Plus, I love the opportunity to dress up.  Tales of the supernatural spring up all over the TV, Internet and even Radio.  Heck, you can even search for Halloween on Pandora, and you get wicked cool songs from The Rocky Horror Picture, The Nightmare Before Christmas and more!

Paranormal authors LOVE this season for obvious reasons.  As a freelance writer, I was also offered the opportunity to write about the latest in Halloween Hullabaloo for Lafayette's 008 Magazine.  I also did one on Spooky Couples featuring my favorite: Buffy and Angel as well as Herman Munster and his Lily.  Scroll down and click on their pages to check them out.  Check out the magazine's website at for other cool information.

Now, to HeartLa.  Attached is a pic of the Rowdy Girls at today's meeting.  Nancy S. Brandt dressed up as a princess.  I was a distinguished vampress, and Meredith ... well, she was a vampy demoness.

Speaking of HeartLa, our luncheon is only two weeks away!  If you haven't signed up yet, please visit to get more information and to register via Paypal.  The event promises spectacular with Heather Graham (the author) as our Keynote Speaker and Erica Spindler as our Emcee.  Every attendee gets a bag filled with at least two books and plenty of other goodies.  Additionally, attendees get entered into a drawing for lots and lots of door prizes!  I hope to see you there!

In the meantime ...

Enjoy the Treat (or even Trick)!


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