Saturday, October 23, 2010

October 23, 2010

Had a good meeting today with HeartLa (Baton Rouge chapter of Romance Writer's of America).

The luncheon is almost here! November 6th at The Crowne Plaza in Baton Rouge ... keynote speaker - Sherrilyn Kenyon. Spots are still available. Be there or be square!

We also did a writing exercise, and I'd like to share my results ...

Matt's heart became lodged in his throat as he stared out of the plane's open door. The chute on his back suddenly weighed as much as an elephant. He swallowed down the lump of fear and resigned himself to the fact that he was going to jump out into open space ... and soon. He hoped he landed in the designated field in Austin, Texas where his bride waited at the altar. Yes - he knew it was customary for the groom to wait, but she was afraid of heights. Not to mention that he'd lost a bet at his bachelor party while getting drunk. Matt kicked at the white wedding dress covering his legs, praying that the bottom wouldn't fly up over his head when he was falling. He hoped his bride looked better in a tux than he did in the wedding dress. As he jumped, he thought 'My students better not post any of these photos on facebook, either!'

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